Pluto Labs shipping world wide

Pluto labs shop is your final stop where you can get all your Cannabis and weed-related products. We have been in the business for more than a decade and have always tried to keep our customers’ needs above our interests. Our devotion to our customers’ satisfaction has pulled us through the strings of time and has brought us to the position where we are today.


We work to satisfy you! It is important to choose a delivery service provider who has their customers’ needs as their priority. For many customers, it is a Priority that the product they buy is not visible through the packaging. Most customers don’t want people to make judgements about what they are buying.

NOTE that all packs that needs to be shipped must pay shipping fee of at least $100 and above which includes discreet packaging and shipping fee.

To free them from this trouble, we are providing our customers with the most discreet packaging systems. We also understand the need for optimum pricing for customers; hence we have maintained very low charges that can be offered for the quality of the products we sell. We keep our costs incredibly low, so you can partake in your number one strain without the tension of denting your pockets. We also understand that delivery services can be costly. Hence we charge a comparatively low sum to bring your stuff right to your doorstep and save you from all the actual work of moving out. Presently you can sit back at home and unwind while we take your request and deliver it to you.